Hey there, everyone! Thought I’d make a status page here which I could update occasionally to give you some more information on what I’m currently working on, as well as what raw manga volumes I have available that I haven’t scanned in yet. If you have any requests for what I should scan next from this list, or which project you want me to work on next, feel free to tell me in the comments. Of course, I’ll still mostly just work on what I want to, but I tend to get more motivated if people have an active interest in what I’m working on.

[Last Updated: 2019-02-15]

Scanlation Projects

Scanlation work with other groups:

Golden Roze –

  • Atom: The Beginning [Status: Active] [My Role: QC] – Ch 24 was released last. Ch 25 is the start of vol 6, which is awaiting scanning.
  • Black Jack: Blue Future [Status: Active] [My Role: Proofreading, Cleaning, QC] – Chapter 7 was released last. Chapter 8 is pending cleaning and translation.
  • Blue Giant [Status: Active] [My Role: QC] – Ch 17 was released last. Ch 18 is awaiting translation.
  • Eater [Status: On Hold] [My Role: Everything] – You know, now that I think about it, I’m not sure why I didn’t release this here at Jammin’ Scans. I think maybe I didn’t have the site up yet. Anyway, when I say everything, that also includes translation. I’m not much of a translator, however… which is why releases have been slow on this. Chapter 4 was released last. Raws have been acquired for chapter 5 , but it still needs to be translated.
  • Full Ahead! Coco Zervance [Status: Active] [My Role: Proofreading, QC] – Chapter 2 was released last. Chapter 3 has been translated and proofread and is awaiting cleaning.
  • Mr. Clice [Status: On Hold] [My Role: Proofreading, Cleaning, Typesetting] – This is another one I’d like to catch up to and work on the stuff currently coming out of Japan. Vol 1 has been entirely scanned, and Chapters 4 & 5 have been translated by Dumbnut. I’ve proofread and cleaned 4, now I’ve just got to typeset it. Maybe I’ll get back to this one soon.
  • Pulverize ’em Zack! [Status: Active] [My Role: Proofreading, QC] – Chapter 5 was released last. All chapters have been translated. Chapter 6 is pending cleaning and typesetting.
  • Sunset Rose [Status: Active] [My Role: Proofreading, Cleaning, Typesetting, QC] – Chapter 8 was released last. Translations have been completed up to chapter 45. Chapter 10-13 have all basic cleans done and are pending redrawing (which is my responsibility as cleaner). Chapter 9 has been fully cleaned, and is pending typesetting.


  • Legends in the Dark [Status: Active] [My Role: Scan Provider] – I provided the scans for this Satomi Mikuriya anthology volume, and a translator from their group was interested in working on it. I may also take up the role of cleaner and typesetter on this.
  • Lovely Angel [Status: Active] [My Role: Typesetting, QC] – Currently working on typesetting the 5th volume of this for HappyScans.

Roselia Scans

  • Sultan Boueitai [Status: On Hold] [My Role: Proofreading, Typesetting] – Gosh, this is one of those cases where it’s a project that I really love but for some reason has been completely put on the backburner for me… Maybe it’s just because I haven’t done any typesetting in a while, but that’s not any excuse, honestly. The rest of the volume has been fully translated & cleaned already. I should really get back to it.

xPearse – 

  • Armitage III [Status: Active] [My Role: Scan Provider] – I provided xPearse with some scans for this two-volume series. Last I checked, he’s currently working on it, and is nearing the finale.
  • Devilman Saga [Status: On Hold] [My Role: Scan Provider] – This is one of xPearse’s projects that he had put on hold due to lack of good raws being available. Thus, I decided to contact him and provide him with raws. Last time I checked, he’s been focusing on other projects, so the project is on hold. As for my role, the last scans I sent him were scans for volume 6.

Scanlation work for Jammin’ Scans:

  • The Planet Garaga [Status: Active] [My Role: Proofreading, QC] – Currently collaborating on this with some great folks for release at Jammin’ Scans. Chapter 3 was released last. Chapter 4 has been typeset and is awaiting QC.
  • Ragnarok Guy [Status: Planned] [My Role: Proofreading, Cleaning, Typesetting] – I have public raws for all 7 volumes, as well as translations I’ve obtained for all chapters. I’d like to start working on this at some point.

General Scanning

This is essentially a list of manga I currently own. I might scan in some of these at some point but haven’t gotten around to it yet. I’ve separated them into “raw manga” and “out-of-print official English manga. I’ve also included a wishlist, mostly for my own reference, of manga I’d like to buy in the future for scanning purposes.

Raw Manga:
  • 1/1000 Sec. by SHINTANI Kaoru [vol 1-2 (complete)]
  • Akihiko Kaku Katari by OOSHIMA Yumiko [vol 1 (complete)] (note: Got this in a bundle of random manga, unless there’s high demand for it, I’ll likely wait a while before scanning this one.)
  • Bakusai Kuro by MIKURIYA Satomi [vol 1 (complete)]
  • Change! by AZUMI Tsueko [vol 1 (complete)] (note: low priority)
  • Cinderella Boys by MIKURIYA Satomi [single vol (complete)]
  • D-Walk by TATENO Makoto [vol 1, vol 3] (note: original 7-volume 1990 edition. Low priority)
  • Delta City by OOTAKI Takashi [Vol 1-2 (complete)]
  • Devilman Saga [vol 7-8] (note: scanning these privately for xPearse)
  • Dragon Quest 1P Comic Gekijou [vol 1-3]
  • Ex-Men Kiite by TAKAGUCHI Satosumi [vol 1-2 (complete)] (note: low priority)
  • Game Gag 1P Comic (Capcom Edition) [vol 1-2 (complete)]
  • Game Gag 1P Comic (SNK Edition) [vol 1 (complete)]
  • Game Gag 1P Comic (Street Fighter EX Edition) [vol 1 (complete)]
  • Genma Taisen by ISHINOMORI Shotaro [vol 1-2 (complete)]
  • Golgo 13 by SAITO Takao [Bessatsu vol 114]
  • Hanasaka Musume by AZUMI Tsueko [vol 1 (complete)] (note: low priority)
  • Hiiro no Sasayaki by AYATSUJI Yukito & KOJIMA Miyako [vol 1 (complete)]
  • Ippashi Man by TAKAGUCHI Satosumi [vol 1 (complete)] (note: low priority)
  • Ore no Tsubasa by MIKURIYA Satomi [vol 1 (complete)]
  • Ougon Kessha by MIKURIYA Satomi [vol 1 (complete)]
  • Paranoia Street by KAGO Shintaro [vol 2-3 (complete)]
  • Rusalka wa Kaeranai by MIKURIYA Satomi [vol 1-5 (complete)]
  • Saketa Passport by MIKURIYA Satomi [Super Visual Comics Edition vol 1-4 (complete)]
  • See Ya! by KURATA Mika [vol 1 (complete)] (note: low priority)
  • Sega no Geimu wa Sekai Ichiiii! by SOMETHING Yoshimatsu [vol 1-3 (complete)]
Out-of-print Official English Manga:
  • Crusher Joe by TAKACHIHO Haruka & HOSONO Fujihiko (Studio Ironcat) [all 6 issues]
  • Flag Fighters by KANZAKI Masaomi (Studio Ironcat) [all 7 issues] (note: English edition incomplete)
  • Gun Crisis by KANZAKI Masaomi (Studio Ironcat) [all 3 issues]
  • Gun Crisis: Deadly Curve by KANZAKI Masaomi (Studio Ironcat) [all 4 issues] (note: “Deadly Curve” was just part of the original Gun Crisis volume in Japan)
  • Hyper Dolls by ITOU Shinpei (Studio Ironcat) [Vol 1-5 (all 31 issues)]
  • Riot by SHIKI Satoshi (Viz Comics) [Vol 1-2 (all 13 issues)]
  • Virtual Bang by IPPONGI Bang (Studio Ironcat) [all 5 issues] (note: collects a handful of Ippongi Bang’s oneshots)
Manga Scanning Wishlist (books I would like to purchase in the future for scanning purposes):


I don’t really plan to use Jammin’ Scans for Fansubs (hence the “scans” in the name) but I just thought I’d give you a brief rundown of the fansubs I help out with and their current status.

  • Jungle Emperor Leo (1989) [Status: Active] [My Role: QC] – Working on this with Live-Evil & Golden Roze. Ep 8 in QC.
  • Kochikame [Status: On Hold] [My Role: QC, Song Translation] – Working on this one with ATTKC. They release random episodes, and I QC them when ready. I also carefully translate the openings and endings. They haven’t sent me any episodes to QC in a while. I’m not sure when they will again.
  • Mama is a 4th Grader [Status: Active] [My Role: fine timing, proofreading, typesetting, QC] – I’ve started work on this again. I’ll be releasing more episodes of it at Golden Roze. My plan is to release them in chunks of three-episodes at a time.
  • Other Projects at Live-Evil [Status: On Hold] [My Role: QC] – Jungle Emperor Leo is the main thing I’m focused on at Live-Evil, but I also QC other stuff when it pops up.
  • Plenty of projects at Orphan Fansubs [Status: Active] [My Role: QC] – I’m working on a lot of stuff over there as a quality checker. For more information on the status of their projects, you can go check out their own status page which Collectr tends to keep updated now & then.