Cutie Honey Universe – Newtype Magazine scan – Redraw Comparison

Hey, anybody else been watching Cutie Honey Universe?
I’ve been posting scans of Studio Ironcat’s 90’s manga, so I figured I would post some more Cutie Honey related stuff, this time related to the currently-airing TV anime… because who doesn’t like more Honey?

Anyway, this image starts with an image I sourced online from Newtype magazine, one which had a whole bunch of text placed on top of it, as you can see below. There was a lot of text to remove, and I can tell you, it wasn’t a short task, as it took me somewhere around 5 hours to complete. Anyway, I’ll post both versions below. If you’d like, feel free to use my redraw as your desktop background, that’s what I’ll be using it for! ^_^

Here’s the original:

and here’s the redrawn version:



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