New Release: Cutie Honey ’90 – v01 issue #002

Got another chapter of Cutie Honey ’90 for you here. Grab it below!

Cutie Honey ’90 v01 #002 – Download
Read online – MangaDex

Now, you’ll notice something weird when it comes to these Studio Ironcat releases. That is, these single-issue comics don’t follow the same chapter breaks as the original manga did, instead adhering to the 36-page standard that comics used to have in the 90s (and still kind-of do nowadays to a lesser extent). That’s why you’ll notice a page which was clearly a chapter title page in the middle of this release, which doesn’t have any chapter title on it. Regardless, I’ve decided to release these issue-by-issue, just to avoid complicating things. It does seem like the volume break is still in the correct spot, though, at least.

Part of me is wondering if I should buy the original Japanese version and scan it in, then proofread these translations and typeset a new version, with properly split-up chapters, much better picture quality, and in right-to-left reading format. Well, I guess that’s something to think about for the future.

For now, I’ve got more issues of this series scanned in but I still need to crop & level them. Anyway, hope you enjoy this one! ^_^


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