New Release: Cutie Honey ’90 – v01 issue #001

Hey there! So, between Devilman Saga being worked on again, and a new Cutie Honey TV series currently airing for the Spring 2018 anime season, the Go Nagai love is going strong lately. That’s why I finally decided to clean up this chapter (which I scanned in a while ago) and release it.


Cutie Honey ’90 v01 #001 – Download
Read online – MangaDex

You’ll notice this scan comes from the official version, released back in 1997 by Studio Ironcat. I’m honestly not much of a fan of their releases, they often had shoddy translations, even having typos sometimes, and also sometimes some pretty piss-poor print quality. It’s like they just didn’t bother hiring a quality checker. In any case, despite the low quality of their releases, they picked up too many good series back then for me to just ignore.

This version of the manga was still written & illustrated by Go Nagai, but the cover art was done by a well known fine artist by the name of Hajime Sorayama, well known for painting incredibly detailed biomechanoid robots. If you’re a fan of this cover art, you can see the full version of it along with more of his work at his website:

Anyway, I’ve got more chapters of this series scanned in but I still need to crop & level them. For now, enjoy this one! ^_^


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