Devilman Saga Scanlation Resumed by xPearse

devilman_saga_000aHey, big thanks to xPearse over at his blog. He’s started using the scans I’ve sent him to continue scanlating Devilman Saga.

You can find his release post for chapter 9 by clicking here.
He also just released chapter 10 here and 11 here.

This isn’t exactly a joint project, as he’s doing all of the translation & editing work while I scan the volumes in, but I just thought I would give him a shout-out.

If you haven’t checked out his blog yet, you absolutely should, he’s got some great series over there, both new & old. There’s a focus on seinen action series, horror series, as well as a good amount of Go Nagai stuff. He also releases a BUNCH. In fact, he releases almost daily! So with him it seems like you’ll always have something new to read.


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