Raw Release: The Planet Garaga (Wakusei Garaga) 「惑星ギャラガ」

So, here’s another single-volume manga from Satomi Mikuriya. Unlike the previous one I posted, however, this isn’t a collection of one-shots, but an 11-chapter series. I’m not sure when it was originally serialized or what issues of Action Comics it appeared in… but this volume was released in September 1984 by Futabasha under their Action Comics label. It was later adapted into a 100-minute OVA, released October 21, 1989. Despite the title “Garaga” being pronounced the same in Japanese as Namco’s classic arcade game “Galaga”, this manga actually has absolutely nothing to do with that arcade game.

Table of Contents:


Download Folder

I noticed last time that the JPEG files I uploaded were very compressed, as I never intended for them to be used for editing. However, they looked really bad, so this time I’ve done less compression on them. Anyway, I’ve gotta say, some of the pages in this manga are pretty incredible looking, and so many of the panel layouts work really well, too. I’ve included a few preview images below. (note: for the sake of previewing the art, I’ve combined a two-page spread into a single file, but for the zipped raw, the pages are separate, each contained in their own file.)



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