Thanatos no Shisha – Redraw Comparison

Hey! It’s been a while since I’ve posted here.
I figured I would give you all another look at a redraw I did, this time it’s from the first chapter of Thanatos no Shisha, which was released months and months ago by Golden Roze Scans.
Only the first panel of the page had to be redrawn, so that’s all I’ve included here.

Here’s the original:
ThanatosV01 - pg001_RD_original.png

and here’s the redrawn version:
ThanatosV01 - pg001_RD.png

I remember this one being somewhat difficult to accomplish, partially because it’s in color and uses a lot of soft gradients, but also because the original text had a soft white glow around it, and I had to be sure to remove it all while still retaining as much of the visible drawing underneath for accuracy’s sake.

I think the end result came out rather nicely, though. So it was all worth the effort.
Anyway, I’ll try to start posting more. In fact, I think I may start adding raw scans to this blog as well (mostly for older manga), so look forward to that!

Until then, have a good day, everyone!


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