New Release: STONe c001-010 (vol 01-02)

Hey there, everyone, today I present to you Volumes 1 and 2 of STONe by HIROMOTO Sin-ichi.

These are 300dpi scans from the out-of-print English edition which was released by TokyoPop in 2004. The original Japanese version was released two years before that, in 2002.
It seems they no longer hold the licence to it, and I haven’t seen these volumes scanned & released on the web anywhere before, so I figured I’d share my copies with everyone.

I didn’t want to de-bind my books and ruin them forever, so I simply put them as flat as I could on the scanner bed and scanned them in basic two-page format. I rotated & cropped them as best I could, and also did a bit of clean-up, but didn’t make the black levels too dark, in order to preserve a lot of the dark-grey details in the artwork.

Anyway, I hope everyone likes it! 😀

Edit 2017-05-11:
Well, now that Nyaa has fallen, I’ve taken to seeding the version I’ve linked to on Nyaa Pantsu. I’ll also be seeding the one on Animebytes for anybody who has an account there. Updated the links below.

Edit 2017-09-26:
Since somebody asked, I added a direct download link. I don’t remember why I didn’t do this to begin with… maybe I just thought the files were a bit large to sit on my MediaFire (together, they take up approximately 600MB, since they’re not cleaned up at all). In any case, the link to the MediaFire folder is below.

Edit 2018-04-14:
Well, I decided to go back and re-do this release, cleaning up all of the scans with more advanced levels techniques that I didn’t learn how to use until after I released the first version. Basically, by changing the baseline output to grey instead of black, I can keep a lot of the small, dark-grey details in-tact much more easily while still leveling to a solid color, getitng rid of a lot of the dust & noise in the first version. I also split up anything that wasn’t a two-page spread, which works better for uploading to reader sites such as MangaDex, which only want chapter uploads instead of full volumes. In any case, I think this new version is a lot more readable. You can find the second version in the MediaFire folder, as well as on Madokami and it will soon be available on MangaDex as well. Hope you all enjoy! ^_^

MangaDex (Read Online)


2 comments on “New Release: STONe c001-010 (vol 01-02)

  1. sidiouth says:

    oh please for the love of all that is holy still be active here. I can’t get connected on the torrent and I don’t have access to the other sites, could you send me a direct download link of some sort?


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