New Release: Doctor #6

Well, as promised, here I am with the final issue of Doctor released by Studio Ironcat. Unlike the previous issue (where it could be a single story spread across two chapters), there’s clearly two separate chapters here. (if I had to guess for the numbering, they’re probably chapters 11 & 12)

I also noticed that the previous release had a few… problems with page see-through and whatnot, so I’ve attempted to correct that here while also not losing any detail in the art. I believe I came up with a pretty good process that I’ll be using from now on for these Studio Ironcat scans. Anyway, download link below.

Doctor! V01 C006 – Download
Read online – Imgur


An interesting little side note. on the end page of the final chapter it says at the bottom “Thank you for reading the story of doctor. We’ll see you again.”
However, I noticed there was a “1” in the Japanese text, which got me curious. So, I did a little transcribing, and based on my rudimentary translation I came up with the following:
“Thank you for reading this past year. We’ll meet again someday soon.”

This makes me curious, actually… I’ve been able to find out such a small amount of information about Doctor! on the internet, and based on my searches, It appears that a tankobon was never actually released for the series in Japan, which makes me think that these chapters were all taken from a magazine release to be adapted to the English version. This message at the end makes me think that perhaps Bang planned to do more, but for whatever reason the project didn’t move forward?
In any case, the series as it exists is now complete. Look forward to whatever series I decide to scan in next.
Whichever one I choose, it’ll be one that hasn’t been scanned in at all yet. ;P


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