Eleven Soul – Title Page Redraw (From chapter 1)

Hey everybody, so I’ve got something other than an actual scanlation release today.
This is simply a redraw I did a while ago, from a manga series called “Eleven Soul”.
While the official digital version on sites like Amazon and Renta has a nicely done translation, it’s also got incredibly shoddy looking typesetting, uses low-quality scans, and altogether just looks very rushed. Thus, I was planning on working on this series in my spare time, using some higher-quality scans that I found. However, after reading a few chapters, I quickly lost interest. (for those of you who are curious, yes, this is the project I was referring to in my introduction post last year)
Still, at the point I lost interest, I had already cleaned a few chapters, and ended up completing what is likely one of the most complex redraws I’ve had to do thus far for scanlation. Below you can see the original, as well as one with levels added-in, and finally the re-drawn version. Any scanlation groups out there looking to pick this series up, please contact me, as I’ve got the first three chapters fully cleaned.

robertbatterby_example_e-1_before robertbatterby_example_e-1_before__with_levels


One comment on “Eleven Soul – Title Page Redraw (From chapter 1)

  1. congratulations man this is great


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