Final Re:Quest – Vol 1, Adventure Guide (instruction manual)

Hey! So, it’s been a while since I started this blog and proceeded to post, well… nothing.
The problem is, most of the time I get help with scanlations so I never end up being the sole person working on any release.

Final Re:Quest – v01, Adventure Guide – Download

Above, you can find a download link for an English translated version of the “Adventure Guide” from Vol 1 of Final Re:Quest. It’s essentially just some character profile pages & the Table of Contents for the volume, but it’s all styled to look like a classic JRPG instruction manual (specifically, the Japanese instruction manual for Dragon Quest IV, I mean, check this out, the resemblance is UNCANNY!)

Final Re:Quest is a fun little manga series with an 8-bit RPG aesthetic. It’s styled to look like the type of RPG that would’ve came out on the Famicom or something. It’s first chapter was released sometime last year by Psylocke Scans. At the time, I had already started work on translating these opening pages, but he was able to release the first chapter before I could even finish work on this.
That made me a bit less motivated, and I also got distracted by other projects, but even so, this still managed to be finished many months ago. The reason it wasn’t released back then is because, even though Psylocke said he only did the first chapter to get people interested in the project and had no plans to do any further chapters, I was still waiting on the group I’m a part of (Golden Roze Scans) to start work on the main chapters of the series, with the plan being to release this as a part of their group alongside those main chapters.
However, we didn’t manage to find anybody to work on it, and now I’ve heard word that another scans group, M3OW, is planning to start work on the series. So I figured I’ve been sitting on this long enough, and before another groups does a bunch of work on something that has already been finished, I’d just release it here for everybody, that way they don’t have to do this little intro thingy (pulling their hair out in the process) and can get started on the main chapters as soon as possible! 🙂

Now, for everybody who comes here to hear a bit about my work process, let me talk a bit about my translation process. The translation started off as a rough, literal translation of the actual text from Japanese to English. Then, for the sake of authenticity to the thing the series was obviously parodying here, I downloaded scanned PDF files for various Dragon Quest manuals in both Japanese and English. Thankfully, the text in the English manuals appeared to be a direct translation of the Japanese manuals’ text. So, I cross-referenced everything from the Final Re:Quest Adventure Guide with the Japanese Dragon Quest manuals to see which lines matched up with, and which ones didn’t. Then, I used the style of translation from the English version manuals and even used the same lines where appropriate, just to get them to stylistically feel as similar as possible (while obviously still staying true to the original Japanese text for the Final Re:Quest Adventure Guide).

One change that I made (and this is only in the chapter titles), is to a character’s name. Now, before you burn my house down, hear me out. The character’s name, in Japanese, is “Miipon” (ミイポン) This is an obvious reference to a character from Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime named “Miihon” (ミイホン)
However, in the English version of Rocket Slime, “Miihon” was instead named “Hooly”. Thus, to keep the reference to the Dragon Quest character in-tact for English readers, while making the same change from the letter “H” to the letter “P”, I changed the character’s name to “Pooly”. Some of you may not like this change, but I felt it made a lot of sense at the time.

Anyway, enough talk from me. This chapter was a pain to work on, but I loved the idea of starting a manga volume with a classic instruction manual look that I just had to do it. I really love how it came out, too. Hope you all enjoy it! ^_^


One comment on “Final Re:Quest – Vol 1, Adventure Guide (instruction manual)

  1. m3ow says:

    m3ow here. just to clarify, I’m not interested in this series. I have a TL, but I pointed them to GRZ


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