Welcome, One and All!

My name is VigorousJammer, and I jam… vigorously.
I’ve been doing some scanlation work recently for a few different groups, and this blog is a way for me to showcase some of that. If I really like how a redraw that I did came out, I’ll post it here… or if I’m really proud of a page I typesetted, it’ll go here.

This is also going to be the home of any personal scanlation projects that I undertake.
I’m not fluent in Japanese, but I understand a bit of it. However, I don’t plan to actually translate anything here, simply use existing translations (on websites like mangahelpers or from other sources) and work on the cleaning & typesetting side of things, which is much more in my wheelhouse.

Some of you may be wondering why I wouldn’t just release these personal projects as part of the groups I’m already affiliated with… however, it’s not always that easy to do that. Taking on a project by yourself isn’t something that a group usually goes for… and other times a group will have policies against releasing licensed content. This is a stipulation that I will also have in some regard, but in other cases will forego, depending on the overall quality of the licensed release. As of late, I’ve noticed many manga being released as Digital-only, and I find that a lot of these end up being rush-jobs, with abysmal font choices, and low-resolution files, which do a dis-service to the original version of a manga. In those cases, I will gladly attempt to give these manga a higher quality release… one that is worthy of it’s original version.

Stay tuned, as I’ve already got one project in the works which fits this description.


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