Raw Release: Phoenix 2772 (Hi no Tori 2772)「火の鳥2772」

Hey there, everyone! Well, I’ve been busy scanning a lot of Devilman Saga, so I haven’t had time to scan much else in. However, I did de-bind this book a while ago, and kept meaning to scan it in and post it. Well, after a lot of delays, here it is!

I’m sure you all know by now how much of a fan I am of Satomi Mikuriya. However, I am also, of course, a fan of Osamu Tezuka… especially when it comes to The Phoenix, which may very well be my favorite work of his that I’ve read. Well, this is a 1-volume spin-off from 1980, which is a collaboration between the two authors, based on the 1980 theatrical film Phoenix 2772: CosmoZone of Love (Hi no Tori 2772: Ai no Cosmozone, also released in English under the hilarious title “Space Firebird 2772”) which Mikuriya-san did the mecha designs for.

This is definitely a scan that I’m pretty excited to get out there into people’s hands, just for the simple fact that it’s kind of rare, as it was initially only released in magazine format in 1980, and wasn’t released in tankoban format until October 2007. The tankoban is smaller than average (I believe it’s A6 instead of A5), which is why you may notice the resolution of the files is a bit smaller than average for 600dpi. On top of that, going forward I’ll be reducing the resolution of the JPG files by 50%, which should allow translators to download and translate things much quicker, while still providing editors with lossless 600dpi TIF files.

Anyway, you can find a link to the download folder below, as well as some preview images. Hope you all enjoy this, and if any translators are interested in translating this volume into English, feel free to contact me about cleaning & typesetting.


Download Folder

Preview images:



New Release: Cutie Honey ’90 – v02 issues #007-012 [END]

Well, I figured for the second and final volume of this Cutie Honey series, I’d release all six issues of it at once, bringing us to the end of this series.


Cutie Honey ’90 v02 #007 – DownloadMangaDex

Cutie Honey ’90 v02 #008 – DownloadMangaDex

Cutie Honey ’90 v02 #009 – DownloadMangaDex

Cutie Honey ’90 v02 #010 – DownloadMangaDex

Cutie Honey ’90 v02 #011 – DownloadMangaDex

Cutie Honey ’90 v02 #012 – DownloadMangaDex

Now, as you might be aware, these are all scans of the issues released by Studio Ironcat. These issues split up the chapters in an odd way, since each comic issue is exactly 36 pages long (including front and back covers).

The chapters are broken up as follows:
Chapter 6 – Vs. Sister Jill II – Starts in #7, continued in #8
Chapter 7 – Vs. Sister Jill III – Starts in #8, continued in #9
Chapter 8 – Vs. White Claw – Starts in #10, continued in #11
Chapter 9 – Vs. Sister Jill IV – Starts in #11, continued in #12
Chapter 10 – The Final Showdown! – completely in issue #12

New Release: Thanatos no Shisha ch 001 & 002

Hello everyone! Today I bring you two chapters as part of a joint project with Limerent Void Scans. Anada provided the translation, I helped proofread it alongside Kokiden, and I did the cleaning and typesetting.

Thanatos no Shisha v01 c001 – Download

Thanatos no Shisha v01 c002 – Download

Well damn! It’s been quite a while since my first actual scanlation release, way back in September 2016. In fact, it’s been almost a full two years! :O
Of course, this is mostly just because I do lots of work with other groups, and I typically just release things under their name for simplicity’s sake.
However, since I was the only graphics editor on these chapters, I thought perhaps I should make it a joint project this time around.

Now, if you’ve heard of this series before, you might be aware that the first chapter was released previously, as a joint between Limerent Void and Golden Roze Scans. You may also be aware that I tend to do work with Golden Roze Scans, and you might be wondering what happened. Well, I don’t want to get into scanlation politics too much, but suffice to say, I had a hand in that version as well. However, this new version of Chapter 1 is a revised version, with the script being proofed again, and gone over with a fine comb to find any errors that were missed the first time around. I would say it’s definitely an improvement over the first version, but feel free to read it and find out for yourself.

The third chapter is already in progress, so look forward to it hopefully pretty soon.


Hey there, everyone! Thought I’d make a status page here which I could update occasionally to give you some more information on what I’m currently working on, as well as what raw manga volumes I have available that I haven’t scanned in yet. If you have any requests for what I should scan next from this list, or which project you want me to work on next, feel free to tell me in the comments. Of course, I’ll still mostly just work on what I want to, but I tend to get more motivated if people have an active interest in what I’m working on.

[Last Updated: 2018-07-15]

Scanlation Projects

Scanlation work with other groups:

Golden Roze:

  • Atom: The Beginning [Status: Active] [My Role: Cropping scans, QC] – Ch 21 is translated, and has been rotated & cropped, waiting on cleans & typesetting. Ch 22 has been scanned.
  • Black Jack: Blue Future [Status: Active] [My Role: Proofreading, Cleaning, QC] – Chapter 3 has been translated and cleaned, and is pending proofreading and typesetting.
  • Blue Giant [Status: Active?] [My Role: QC] – I’d like to say this one is active, since there’s a team at Golden Roze who are actively interested in it, but progress on cleaning has been slow. Vol 3 has been completely scanned. Ch 17 is being cleaned.
  • Eater [Status: On Hold] [My Role: Everything] – You know, now that I think about it, I’m not sure why I didn’t release this here at Jammin’ Scans. I think maybe I didn’t have the site up yet. Anyway, when I say everything, that also includes translation. I’m not much of a translator, however… which is why releases have been slow on this. However, chapter 4 is completely translated, cleaned, and is pending typesetting.
  • Full Ahead! Coco Zervance [Status: On Hold] [My Role: Proofreading, and possibly more] – Holding off on this until the original series is complete. Chapters 1-3 have been translated by MinoSpelgud. We’ve been obtaining the digital magazine raws every month. I’m hoping to catch up and release alongside the magazine chapters every month, soon after they’re released in Japanese.
  • Mr. Clice [Status: On Hold] [My Role: Proofreading, Cleaning, Typesetting] – This is another one I’d like to catch up to and work on the stuff currently coming out of Japan. Vol 1 has been entirely scanned, and Chapters 4 & 5 have been translated by Dumbnut. I’ve proofread and cleanned 4, now I’ve just got to typeset it. Maybe I’ll get back to this one soon.
  • Sunset Rose [Status: On Hold] [My Role: Proofreading, Cleaning, Typesetting QC] – Translations have been completed up to ch 45. Ch 10-13 have all basic cleans done and are pending redrawing (which is my responsibility as cleaner). Ch 8 & 9 have been fully cleaned, and are pending typesetting.

Limerent Void:

  • Thanatos no Shisha [Status: Active] [My Role: Proofreading, Cleaning, Typesetting] – finished proofreading chapter 3. Pending cleaning and typesetting.

Roselia Scans:

  • Sultan Boueitai [Status: On Hold] [My Role: Proofreading, Typesetting] – Gosh, this is one of those cases where it’s a project that I really love but for some reason has been completely put on the backburner for me… Maybe it’s just because I haven’t done any typesetting in a while, but that’s not any excuse, honestly. The rest of the volume has been fully translated & cleaned already. I should really get back to it.
Scanlation work for Jammin’ Scans:
  • Ragnarok Guy [Status: Planned] [My Role: Proofreading, Cleaning, Typesetting] – I have public raws for all 7 volumes, as well as translations I’ve obtained for all chapters. I’d like to start working on this at some point.

General Scanning

This is essentially a list of manga I currently own that I might scan in at some point but haven’t gotten around to yet. I’ve separated them into “raw manga” and “out-of-print official English manga. I’ve also included a wishlist, mostly for my own reference, of manga I’d like to buy in the future for scanning purposes.

Raw Manga:
  • Akihiko Kaku Katari by OOSHIMA Yumiko [single vol] (note: Got this in a bundle of random manga, unless there’s high demand for it, I’ll likely wait a while before scanning this one.)
  • Bakusai Kuro by MIKURIYA Satomi [single vol]
  • Bobobo-Bo Bo-Bobo? – Sawai Yoshio Tanpenshuu by [single vol] (note: This appears to be a collection of short stories by the main series’ author set in the Bobobo universe.)
  • Bukkomi no Taku by SAKI Hiroto & TOKORO Jiyuuzou [vol 1] (note: likely won’t start scanning this until I’m able to obtain more volumes of it.)
  • Change! by AZUMI Tsueko [single vol] (note: low priority)
  • Cinderella Boys by MIKURIYA Satomi [single vol]
  • D-Walk by TATENO Makoto [vol 1, vol 3] (note: original 7-volume 1990 edition. Low priority)
  • Devilman Saga [vol 6-7] (note: scanning these privately for xPearse)
  • Ex-Men Kiite by TAKAGUCHI Satosumi [vol 1-2] (note: low priority)
  • Guin Saga by KURIMOTO Kaoru & SAWADA Hajime [vol 4-5]
  • Hanasaka Musume by AZUMI Tsueko [single vol] (note: low priority)
  • Hi no Tori 2772 by TEZUKA Osamu & MIKURIYA Satomi [single vol] (note: this has been debound and will likely be scanned next)
  • Hiiro no Sasayaki by AYATSUJI Yukito & KOJIMA Miyako [single vol]
  • Ippashi Man by TAKAGUCHI Satosumi [single vol] (note: low priority)
  • Nora by MIKURIYA Satomi [vol 1]
  • Ore no Tsubasa by MIKURIYA Satomi [single vol]
  • Ougon Kessha by MIKURIYA Satomi [single vol]
  • Paranoia Street by KAGO Shintaro [vol 2-3]
  • Rusalka wa Kaeranai by MIKURIYA Satomi [vol 1-3]
  • See Ya! by KURATA Mika [single vol] (note: low priority)
  • Sega no Geimu wa Sekai Ichiiii! by SOMETHING Yoshimatsu [vol 1-2]
Out-of-print Official English Manga:
  • Crusher Joe by TAKACHIHO Haruka & HOSONO Fujihiko (Studio Ironcat) [all 6 issues]
  • Cutie Honey ’90 by NAGAI Go (Studio Ironcat) [Vol 2 (all 6 issues)]
  • Flag Fighters by KANZAKI Masaomi (Studio Ironcat) [all 7 issues] (note: English edition incomplete)
  • Gun Crisis by KANZAKI Masaomi (Studio Ironcat) [all 3 issues]
  • Gun Crisis: Deadly Curve by KANZAKI Masaomi (Studio Ironcat) [all 4 issues] (note: “Deadly Curve” was just part of the original Gun Crisis volume in Japan)
  • Hyper Dolls by ITOU Shinpei (Studio Ironcat) [Vol 1-5 (all 31 issues)]
  • Riot by SHIKI Satoshi (Viz Comics) [Vol 1-2 (all 13 issues)]
  • Virtual Bang by IPPONGI Bang (Studio Ironcat) [all 5 issues] (note: collects a handful of Ippongi Bang’s oneshots)
Manga Scanning Wishlist:


I don’t really plan to use Jammin’ Scans for Fansubs (hence the “scans” in the name) but I just thought I’d give you a brief rundown of the fansubs I help out with and their current status.

  • Jungle Emperor Leo (1989) [Status: Active] [My Role: QC] – Working on this with Live-Evil & Golden Roze. Ep 7 in Translation Check.
  • Kochikame [Status: Active] [My Role: QC, Song Translation] – Working on this one with ATTKC. They release random episodes, and I QC them when ready. I also carefully translate the openings and endings. Episode 228 is currently awaiting my QC.
  • Mama is a 4th Grader [Status: On Hold] [My Role: fine timing, proofreading, typesetting, QC] – I obtained translations for every episode a while ago, which prompted me to start releasing them over at Golden Roze, but then it went on the backburner, and it’s been there for a while now… I figured it’d be easy to do alongside everything else, but I just got so caught up with other things… I’ll get back to it some day.
  • Other Projects at Live-Evil [Status: On Hold] [My Role: QC] – Leo is the main thing I’m focused on at Live-Evil, but I also QC other stuff when it pops up. Not much has been popping up lately, however.
  • Plenty of projects at Orphan Fansubs [Status: Active] [My Role: QC] – I’m working on a lot of stuff over there as a quality checker. For more information on the status of their projects, you can go check out their own status page which Collectr tends to keep updated now & then.

Raw Release: Thunderbirds (sandaabaazu)「サンダーバーズ」

Been a while since I’ve uploaded any raw scans, so here’s another one. I’ve got another series from Satomi Mikuriya, a single-volume, 8-chapter series called “Thunderbirds”.
Based on a quick machine-assisted translation I did of the plot synopsis on the inside flap (You can see my translation of it on MangaUpdates), It tells the rise and fall of a professional skiier known as “The Black Lightning”. There’s a few scenes with guns, though… so I’m not sure what that’s all about. I’m also not sure when it was originally serialized, but the volume was released on December 25th, 1978 (Yay! Christmas!) by Futabasha under their Action Comics label.

Table of Contents:


Download Folder

Here’s a few preview images below:


New Release: Cutie Honey ’90 – v01 issue #004-006

Well hey there! I don’t have just one, but three new scans of Studio Ironcat’s release of Cutie Honey ’90 for you.
These three issues finish off volume 1. Not sure exactly how many chapters were collected in them, since Studio Ironcat didn’t always put the chapter titles on the title pages, and the chapters were sometimes split up between issues. It’s really kind of a shitshow, honestly. But, well, at the very least the wraparound cover for issue #5 looks pretty neat.


Cutie Honey ’90 v01 #004 – DownloadMangaDex

Cutie Honey ’90 v01 #005 – DownloadMangaDex

Cutie Honey ’90 v01 #006 – DownloadMangaDex

Cutie Honey Universe – Newtype Magazine scan – Redraw Comparison

Hey, anybody else been watching Cutie Honey Universe?
I’ve been posting scans of Studio Ironcat’s 90’s manga, so I figured I would post some more Cutie Honey related stuff, this time related to the currently-airing TV anime… because who doesn’t like more Honey?

Anyway, this image starts with an image I sourced online from Newtype magazine, one which had a whole bunch of text placed on top of it, as you can see below. There was a lot of text to remove, and I can tell you, it wasn’t a short task, as it took me somewhere around 5 hours to complete. Anyway, I’ll post both versions below. If you’d like, feel free to use my redraw as your desktop background, that’s what I’ll be using it for! ^_^

Here’s the original:

and here’s the redrawn version: