Raw Release: The Planet Garaga (Wakusei Garaga) 「惑星ギャラガ」

So, here’s another single-volume manga from Satomi Mikuriya. Unlike the previous one I posted, however, this isn’t a collection of one-shots, but an 11-chapter series. I’m not sure when it was originally serialized or what issues of Action Comics it appeared in… but this volume was released in September 1984 by Futabasha under their Action Comics label. It was later adapted into a 100-minute OVA, released October 21, 1989. Despite the title “Garaga” being pronounced the same in Japanese as Namco’s classic arcade game “Galaga”, this manga actually has absolutely nothing to do with that arcade game.

Table of Contents:


Download Folder

I noticed last time that the JPEG files I uploaded were very compressed, as I never intended for them to be used for editing. However, they looked really bad, so this time I’ve done less compression on them. Anyway, I’ve gotta say, some of the pages in this manga are pretty incredible looking, and so many of the panel layouts work really well, too. I’ve included a few preview images below. (note: for the sake of previewing the art, I’ve combined a two-page spread into a single file, but for the zipped raw, the pages are separate, each contained in their own file.)



Raw Release: Yami no Densetsu (Legend of Darkness) 「闇の伝説」1 Vol COMPLETE

Hey everyone! Got another raw scan for you here. This is from a fairly unknown author (at least in the US, not sure how prolific they are in Japan).
His name is Satomi Mikuriya (御厨さと美) and none of his works have yet been translated into English.
He’s probably best known for Sci-fi, but also does work on stories featuring airplanes. He was in charge of the mechanical design in the Tezuka film “Phoenix 2772: Cosmo Zone of Love”, which was released in 1980, and has also had a few of his manga adapted into OVA, including “Nora” and “Hyper-Psychic Geo Garaga”. He… was also apparently in charge of the CG design for Golgo 13: The Professional. He made that helicopter.
A few of his manga are available as e-books, such as 1982’s Icarus no Musume or his longest-running manga the 7-volume 1981 series, Saketa Passport. I saw some of these e-books and absolutely loved his artwork and felt like it’d be nice if he got some more exposure. So, I went ahead and imported a handful of volumes that he released.

This is one of those 1-volume books. Released in 1980 by Sun Comics, it opens with the titular story, Yami no Densetsu, which is told in two parts. After that, there are four different one-shots. Table of contents below.

  • 闇の伝説 PART1 (Yami no Densetsu – Part 1) [24 pages]
  • 闇の伝説 PART2 (Yami no Densetsu – Part 2) [24 pages]
  • キャピタル・ジャック (Capital Jack) [40 pages]
  • ザ・バーミー (The Barmy) [30 pages]
  • くそおやじの翼 (Kuso Oyaji no Tsubasa) [23 pages]
  • 謀略の空 (Bouryaku no Sora) [40 pages]

The title story is set in space and appears to tell the story of an astronaut. The rest of the stories are centered around military aircraft. Here’s some preview images.

In any case, like usual I’ve provided both high-quality PNG files for editing, as well as low-quality compressed JPEG files for translators to use. You can find them both in the download folder below.

Download Folder

I’m planning on scanning in more stuff from this author regardless, but let me know in the comments what you think of his work and if you’d like to see more of it.

Raw Release: Armitage III (Armitage the Third) 「アミテージ・ザ・サード」Vol 01-02 [Complete]

Hey there, everyone! So, this is a bit of a departure for this blog, but I figured I should start releasing raw scans on here, as well.
These two volumes were personally de-binded and scanned in by your’s truly.
For anybody who wants to work on this manga, I’ve got the full-resolution 600DPI version available for download in PNG format, alongside a smaller JPEG version. You can find them both in the download folder below:

Download Folder

Now, some information about the series.
I’m sure many of you are familiar with Armitage the Third from it’s OVA anime series, which was released between Feb 25, 1995 and Nov 25, 1995. Well, this manga was serialized at the same time by Tokuma Shoten in the magazine Shounen Captain, from Feb 1995- Oct 1995 (Mar to Nov issues) for a total of 9 chapters. The chapters were later collected into two tankobans, both being released in October 1995, with the second volume also publishing two bonus chapters only seen in the volume, some chapter profiles, and an episode guide for the anime. These scans come from those two tankobans.
Art is credited to IKEGAMI Tatsuya & OCHI Hiroyuki, while the Story is credited to KONAKA Chiaki & OHTANA Zarae.

Anyway, I’m looking to get into scanning raws a bit more, so look forward to more of this kind of thing in the future. I’ll likely stick with scanning in 90s and 80s series, since that’s what I’m most interested in. In fact, I’ve got a few one-volume series from the 80s to scan in next, so look forward to those.

Thanatos no Shisha – Redraw Comparison

Hey! It’s been a while since I’ve posted here.
I figured I would give you all another look at a redraw I did, this time it’s from the first chapter of Thanatos no Shisha, which was released months and months ago by Golden Roze Scans.
Only the first panel of the page had to be redrawn, so that’s all I’ve included here.

Here’s the original:
ThanatosV01 - pg001_RD_original.png

and here’s the redrawn version:
ThanatosV01 - pg001_RD.png

I remember this one being somewhat difficult to accomplish, partially because it’s in color and uses a lot of soft gradients, but also because the original text had a soft white glow around it, and I had to be sure to remove it all while still retaining as much of the visible drawing underneath for accuracy’s sake.

I think the end result came out rather nicely, though. So it was all worth the effort.
Anyway, I’ll try to start posting more. In fact, I think I may start adding raw scans to this blog as well (mostly for older manga), so look forward to that!

Until then, have a good day, everyone!

New Release: STONe c001-010 (vol 01-02)

Hey there, everyone, today I present to you Volumes 1 and 2 of STONe by HIROMOTO Sin-ichi.

These are 300dpi scans from the out-of-print English edition which was released by TokyoPop in 2004. The original Japanese version was released two years before that, in 2002.
It seems they no longer hold the licence to it, and I haven’t seen these volumes scanned & released on the web anywhere before, so I figured I’d share my copies with everyone.

I didn’t want to de-bind my books and ruin them forever, so I simply put them as flat as I could on the scanner bed and scanned them in basic two-page format. I rotated & cropped them as best I could, and also did a bit of clean-up, but didn’t make the black levels too dark, in order to preserve a lot of the dark-grey details in the artwork.

Anyway, I hope everyone likes it! 😀

Edit 2017-05-11:
Well, now that Nyaa has fallen, I’ve taken to seeding the version I’ve linked to on Nyaa Pantsu. I’ll also be seeding the one on Animebytes for anybody who has an account there. Updated the links below.

Edit 2017-09-26:
Since somebody asked, I added a direct download link. I don’t remember why I didn’t do this to begin with… maybe I just thought the files were a bit large to sit on my MediaFire (together, they take up approximately 600MB, since they’re not cleaned up at all). In any case, the link to the MediaFire folder is below.

Nyaa Nyaa Pantsu

New Release: Doctor #6

Well, as promised, here I am with the final issue of Doctor released by Studio Ironcat. Unlike the previous issue (where it could be a single story spread across two chapters), there’s clearly two separate chapters here. (if I had to guess for the numbering, they’re probably chapters 11 & 12)

I also noticed that the previous release had a few… problems with page see-through and whatnot, so I’ve attempted to correct that here while also not losing any detail in the art. I believe I came up with a pretty good process that I’ll be using from now on for these Studio Ironcat scans. Anyway, download link below.

Doctor! V01 C006 – Download
Read online – Imgur


An interesting little side note. on the end page of the final chapter it says at the bottom “Thank you for reading the story of doctor. We’ll see you again.”
However, I noticed there was a “1” in the Japanese text, which got me curious. So, I did a little transcribing, and based on my rudimentary translation I came up with the following:
“Thank you for reading this past year. We’ll meet again someday soon.”

This makes me curious, actually… I’ve been able to find out such a small amount of information about Doctor! on the internet, and based on my searches, It appears that a tankobon was never actually released for the series in Japan, which makes me think that these chapters were all taken from a magazine release to be adapted to the English version. This message at the end makes me think that perhaps Bang planned to do more, but for whatever reason the project didn’t move forward?
In any case, the series as it exists is now complete. Look forward to whatever series I decide to scan in next.
Whichever one I choose, it’ll be one that hasn’t been scanned in at all yet. ;P

New Release: Doctor! #5

doctor_v01c05_p000So, some of you may not know this (since I barely ever post on here), but I’m a fan of classic manga. I tend to prefer series from the 70s, 80s, and 90s over much of the stuff we have today. Don’t get me wrong, modern day manga still has plenty of talented artists nowadays, and there’s plenty of series out there that retain what made manga special in the first place (much more-so than modern anime has, it seems), but to me, nothing beats the style of a lot of these classic series.

This series here is a one-volume series by the famous mangaka/cosplayer Ippongi Bang, called “Doctor!”, released in English by the now defunct Studio Ironcat in 1997-1998. The first 4 issues of this were released by HAO Scans way back in 2007. I stumbled upon this series while purchasing a bulk order with a bunch of old Studio Ironcat single-issue comics (specifically, I was buying a certain Go Nagai series to scan in), anyway, I decided I’d scan it in and release  for everybody all of you. Download link is below.



Doctor! V01 C005 – Download
Read online – Imgur

The interesting thing about Studio Ironcat’s releases (besides the really shoddy translation)… I believe they included 2 chapters with each issue, so even though I named the file “005” to stay consistent with previous releases, I think this would technically be chapter 9 and 10 of the series. There’s no real way to tell, since they only numbered some of them, all I know is that issue #3 started off with “episode 5”, there was a second story halfway through, and issue#4 started off with “Luchar Operacion 7”.

Anyway, There’s still a sixth issue that I’ve scanned in, but I have yet to crop & edit it. For now, enjoy this one! ^_^